What is igmagogon?


The History of igmagogon

By Stephen Humphrey

So what does the word igmagogon represent? An obscure religion? A movie monster? A magic word? Some other awful or wonderful thing?

The short answer is all or none of the above.

Years ago I wrote a movie synopsis about a fictional monster called igmagogon and at one time I started an ill-advised website that presented igmagogon as a dark deity which I described as “the source of all beauty and terror”.

It might be a magic word. Sometimes I feel like it is.

But, to be honest, igmagogon means nothing. I made the word up a long time ago for my first or second email address and I’ve used it ever since.


One key reason is it’s unique, and uniqueness is at a premium on the web. Any time I want to create an email identity, username and so on, it always seems that an army of humans have already there, calling themselves by my birth name.

Again and again, instead of settling for stephen.humphrey435 I choose instead to be the one and only igmagogon.

Which makes it a kind of magic word for me. Or talisman. Or something.

Okay, it’s probably more like my lucky shirt. Whether it brings me any sort of luck or not I keep wearing it out.

So now it’s become the name of this website, which is the portal to my online reality.

Welcome to igmagogon.